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A chair for every office need which creates an appealing work environment, increasing workflow and morale.

Established in 1988, Design Eurotech is a part of a well established design and furniture group. Over the years Design Eurotech has grown through its unabashed commitment to ergonomics, design and high end craftsmanship in office seating, systems and allied furniture.

Eurotech offers innovatively designed superior executive seating.

Eurotech commenced operations in 1998 with the launch of executive seating systems through structured production and business process.

Since then, the brand has enhanced its reputation and firmly established itself in the corporate segment. Eurotech is CRISIL approved and ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation with an installed base of two million executive seating in over hundred cities in India.

Eurotech is focused on innovations in executive seating and is constantly exploring new materials and production techniques that can improve the quality of life in work spaces.





Designed for the fast paced and multitasking work life of an upwardly mobile executive


World's First Fashion Zipon Zipoff Chair

Worldtag seeks to combine design philosophies with human body ergonomics to bring you a sense of fashion even in seating. With Worldtag chairs, your seating can be as stylish as you are. And when you fancy a change, you don’t have to change the chair, you can merely change the back! Yes, we have a range of stunning, trendy, arty mesh backs that can be zipped on and off. It’s personalization at a different level.

Our team comprises the best professionals from the world of office furniture design and veterans of marketing. You can be assured of experience and exuberance in equal measure. Allow us to seat you better and you’ll see. Rather, feel.

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