System Furniture

Design Eurotech has designed a series of systems furniture solutions that evoke style, aesthetics, core ergonomics and a tantalizing brevity of material use. Green, Functional and Stunning Form!

Elan, Connect and 5-G are its systems furniture offerings. Space, productivity and ease of portability are the key deliverables from the corporate needs perspective. Total ergonomics is at the heart of the designs from the actual end – user perspective!

Ergonomics meets Value!

Education Seating

The huge boom in education infrastructure means design and installation of high-use, durable and safety compliant products, which is always a challenge.

Eurotech has devised a special program of education furniture with its own designs as well as validated and approved sourcing from global leaders for projects.

Eurotech is tied up with KI India for education solutions and had successfully installed furniture and seating in International Schools, Management Education Institutions, Training Facilities and Convention Centers.

Auditorium Seating

With an explosion in convention centers, entertainment complexes and large meeting spaces – auditorium seating is a key infrastructure focus element in India. Design Eurotech both sources and manufactures solutions for a wide range of specs, applications and aesthetic choices.

Retail Shelving Systems

Eurotech has the unique privilege of having designed and supplied cutting edge valued solutions in shelving to retail chains in luxury, jewellery, garments, groceries and more.

A combination challenge of maximum stock, accurate display and design impact, retail solutions are always about optimizing space and function with style!


CEO & Chairman’s Office Lounges, Waiting Areas, VIP Reception Areas, Private Meeting Rooms, Private Offices and more… Sofas’ have always evoked respect, reflected taste and affirmed style.

Choose from a range of custom designed and bespoke sofa solutions that are seen in Bollywood Star homes and in India’s leading Business Tycoon Spaces. Find the comfortable love seat sofas, TV loungers and lhaise lounges to smuggle up in!

Design Eurotech Sofas – your true prestige comfort zone!

Cafe Seating

All work and no play is a no – no today? Café Seating is a key to employee morale and hip styling is the key.

To keep the common areas, canteens, cafeterias and collaborative spaces stylized – every space needs the right café seats solution.

Design Eurotech has worked with metal, engineered plastics, wood and natural materials – to offer a never – repeat always – fresh range!

Come, find out what’s the latest!