Established in 1988, Design Eurotech is a part of a well established design and furniture group.Over the years Design Eurotech has grown through its unabashed commitment to ergonomics, design and high end craftsmanship in office seating, systems and allied furniture.

Eurotech has been ISO compliant through the internationally acclaimed TUV Badge for over 6 years. Its large multi storey manufacturing facility in Mumbai is both the manufacturing and design hub for its wide range of products.

Its Green Compliance Program has placed its products in Platinum LEED Sites as well as numerous Green Sensitive Client locations across India.

From single seats to lakhs of seats delivered across the Indian continent, it has always remained a prime and exclusive brand amongst MNCs, Indian Corporates, Architects, Designers as well as International PMCs and Sourcing Professionals.

With time, Design Eurotech has always remained in the lead with design and material trends globally. It continues to design, source and deliver value across all its client’s needs - from Seating to more than seating!

"At Eurotech, design is the conscious effort to build meaningful and aesthetic products"

Harshad Mehta
Managing Director